Recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha


This is a difficult time for all of us, particularly for people in China, South Korea, and now Italy, Spain, the United States, and individuals in so many countries across the world. At such a painful moment, we all need to come together with compassion for the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are in unbearable pain due to the coronavirus. Although, as a single individual, we might not be able to relieve the misery of thousands of others, at least when we genuinely share love and care from our hearts, the power and profundity of our love and compassion can be immeasurable. As we all know, the function of disease is simply to inflict pain and suffering, without any regard for which race, gender, or nationality we belong to. Therefore, our fight should solely be with the coronovirus, and not with one another. We must unite in our fight, following the advice of the health authorities to keep both ourselves and others safe from the virus. Above all, we should thank all of the doctors, nurses, and volunteers who daily risk their lives for us all in this most difficult situation. During this time of uncertainty, although on the one hand, we might not have the freedom to enjoy the kinds of activities that we ordinarily do, on the other hand, many of us have been given the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones. I know that this situation is extremely difficult, but rather than falling into misery and anxiety, it will be easier if we accept the situation and focus on working through it together as best as we can. This kind of approach is more logical and practical. In my opinion, this is an important time to reflect and contemplate what is best for all of us. Last but not least, let us all recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha to bring peace, happiness, and freedom from disease.