The Present

Many of us ordinarily overlook one of the most critical criteria for a meaningful life, which is to be present and not to allow this moment to pass by unnoticed, since it is the present that contains the source of all our success and the potential for our bright future. We may observe that most of our time is spent either ruminating about past events, which are like dreams, or pondering the future, which is yet to be seen, like an unborn child. Allowing our thoughts to be consumed by the past or the future is simply a waste of our precious time, for we will find nothing there to hold onto that can contribute to our well-being. So, it is very important to remain present since it is only here where we can build a meaningful life and eventually attain liberation. Therefore, we should put all our focus and energy into this very moment in order to fulfill the purpose of our life, which is to be happy and share happiness with others.