Many times we asked the same question, how we are imprison in Samsara and how to free ourselves. The answer is simple, it is mainly the ill effect of ignorance which give rise to dualism and such believe has created everything and face never ending pain. In order to dismantle structure of dualistic approach, practice of emptiness is one of the most effective tool to eradicate emotions and whatever we our mind may have constructed for many generation. For instance, when two sticks are robbed together, it will create a fire and eventually both stick and fire disappear. Similarly, when our ignorance constructs everything, emptiness is practice to dismantle it and which will give rise to the wisdom of Awaken ones, and eventually dualism and thoughts of emptiness both dissolve to the universe like a stick and fire.

~ 蘇曼嘉旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche.

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