Samsara is one of the well-known words but hardly anyone appreciates. Samsara literally means “cyclic existence” once we are trap then freedom becomes just another distance dream, because rebirth, old age, sickness and death are the usual pattern of the so called samsara. However, there is a great deal of knowledge we can acquire by understanding its function. For instance, every day we go through changes, ups and down and sadly we also have to face the death or getting old of our love ones. We can certainly say that nobody wish or want to see things happen in most painful manner to anyone but no one has a power to stop such situation. As long as, we know that this is part of the function of samsara and it is not something just happens or someone has cursed us. Therefore, using little knowledge may be dangerous but understanding does help us to overcome fear, uncertainty and definitely enlighten us while we are in samsara to be happy and find safe haven.

〜 蘇曼迦旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche. On the way to Hong Kong.

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