Sikkim Lingdum Projects

Zurmang Buddhist Institute

Lingdum Hospital

The building of the Lingdum Hospital is to help treating the neighboring villagers and monks. Your support or sponsorship is urgently needed to buy new beds & equipment.

Lamas Dormitory

Now, rooms in the lama dormitory are not enough. To accommodate more lamas, more rooms are needed. Each room costs around US$2000.00

Compiling the Entire Zurmang Lineage Teaching

Since the year 2002, Ven. 12th Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche has appointed Lama Soda to compile the entire Zurmang Lineage Teachings, Tantra Practices, Sadhana & Text which cover the 6 Naro yogas, Chod Sadhana, Chod Fire Puja & How to Visualize.

We need your support!