Unlimited Desire

Our life story begins even when we are not born. Every parent eagerly wants and looks forward to have children and plan their future with great interest. Moreover, worries about their lives and well beings continue throughout their live. When their children reached adulthood, they look forward to have a better education, satisfactory career and find a suitable partner to share everything in life. Those concerns and worries follow us like shadows and if we keep looking forward for better and better then one may not time to enjoy and appreciate our beautiful lives. Because desire is like drinking salty water, the more we drink, thirstier we become. I personally feel that we need to work hard and right but whatever outcome is, we just need to accept and move on without wishing for more and more and between we wills satisfaction and meaning of lives.

〜 蘇曼迦旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche. On the way to Nepal

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