Right Intention


We tend to have great dreams of becoming happy, healthy, and wealthy in our future, and so we work, plan, and pursue these dreams. But it is not easy to achieve such dreams because when our expectations are too high, then there is the danger of falling down. Many times in life, people get upset because their dreams are unrealistic. We have to be realistic about life and it is best to be happy with what we have accomplished in our lives and to simply try our best, rather than to raise our hopes too high. So, we should try our best and have right intention, and whatever the outcome is, we should simply accept it and move on, because there are more meaningful and beautiful things to do than just accumulate wealth, power and fame.

〜 蘇曼迦旺仁波切 Zurmang Gharwang Rinpoche. Boston. 17/12/13

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